Craig Collett, a long-time business consultant and serial entrepreneur, heard about Phuse through a trusted source. He was searching for a team to lead the design and branding aspects of his newest venture, Shuffle who was able to turn it around quickly.


We teamed up with him to craft an engaging and thoughtful product that would last. The brand served as an early foundation, and was followed up by mobile app design, a crowdfunding campaign, and a marketing website to capture interest.

Logo and Branding

For the logo, we explored various creatures, but everyone fell in love with the octopus. In addition to being easily recognizable, it hit all the right points: octopi have multiple arms, operate in private, and camouflage themselves skillfully. A fitting clean typeface and a blue palette were added once the mark was chosen.

Shuffle brand process image

User Experience

One way that Shuffle sets itself apart from competitors is by doubling down on a superior user experience. We pared down the app to create the best user flow to move swiftly through number and email creation. Features like color-coding and nicknames were added as we iterated through layout decisions based on user feedback.

Shuffle user experience

Mobile App Design

With the brand, type, and color palette set, the visual design phase kicked off. When the iOS app was complete, we made minor adjustments to the design for the Android version, a much quicker process since our goal was to achieve parallelism between the apps despite minor variations in UI conventions.

Shuffle mobile app design mock
Shuffle in browser

Marketing Website and Crowd Funding

In addition to building a marketing website at, where people can sign up for the mailing lists and learn more, Craig ran a crowdfunding campaign to fund part of the development. Check out the campaign in IndieGoGo’s archives.

Shuffle in browser

Press and Mentions

The iOS app launched in early May 2015. The same month, Shuffle was featured on Product Hunt then covered by TechCrunch and The Next Web. Over the first two weeks, 3,000 new users signed up for the service with more joining every day to meet their modern communication needs.

Get It Now

Download it on the the iOS App Store. Visit to learn more (or be notified when the Android app goes live!)

Open communication from the whole Phuse team kept me informed throughout the entire design phase of Shuffle. This led to time and cost savings and fueled the complex creative process.

Craig Collett, CEO Shuffle

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