If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then getting to attend PartnerCon 2011 in San Diego was well worth a missed flight, a cancelled flight, getting hot water spilled on my leg by a random lady on my connecting flight, and 4 hours of jet lag.

Wait, what?

This year I had the pleasure of being invited by Pictage to attend PartnerCon 2011  as a vendor. Our goal was to help get people excited about the service we’ve been theming for Pictage for the last year. The product? Nimbus

What’s Nimbus?

Nimbus is a service of Pictage’s ShootQ product that allows photographers to have an all-in-one solution for their website. Nimbus incorporates portfolio, blog, and client login all under one roof… and without Flash! We got to work with their amazing team of developers to build five free themes for the platform, and have the good fortune to call some of their amazing customers our clients while we build custom themes for them on the Nimbus platform.

In fact, “custom themes” was the buzzword at The Phuse’s PartnerCon booth this year.

While I manned the booth, I had the opportunity to meet dozens of people we’ve been speaking to for ages over email, but never met in person. I also met hundreds of inspiring photographers that made me embarrassed to be caught using my iPhone to snap a photo (and using the term “snap a photo” was looked upon with distaste, but—old habits, eh?).

Having a booth was a different sort of experience. At The Phuse, 99% of our marketing is based on referrals from others, so we don’t take much time to attend conferences. But we couldn’t help hopping on a plane to California when we recieved the invite. Though we didn’t have as flashy a booth as some of our other booth neighbours, we had plenty of shirts (and candy) to give out, and got some good traffic from interested conference-goers.

We also had the distinct pleasure of having one of our clients, Josh, in attendance. He took every opportunity he had to answer questions at our booth, and brag about working with us as much as we usually brag about working with him!

PartnerCon 2012?

Our work on the Nimbus platform continues. More free themes are in the works.

If you want a custom theme for your Nimbus account, we’d be happy to oblige. Be sure to contact us directly. We’re always happy to hear from photographers looking to get their work out there!

As for 2012? It’s probably too soon to tell. We had a great time this year, and even if we aren’t there the next time PartnerCon rolls around, we hope you enjoy the themes we’ve made for the Nimbus platform.

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