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As keeping with tradition, here are the links of the week that we posted on Twitter that really caught our eye and got us interested!

Doubling Your Rate: A Thought Experiment

Doubling Your Rate: A Thought Experiment

FreelanceSwitch addresses a very real issue in this article about being able to establish your expertise and show that you’re worth 20X the price than the person who “can replicate all of Microsoft Office for $17.32”.

Freelancing and Volunteering: A Good Combination

Another FreelanceSwitch article that really hits the spot with karma, and a “why not?” attitude. This is the season of giving, so why not give the gift of your time?

Designing with content in mind

Brian does it again with an article that not only catches you, but has you reading because there is value in what he’s saying. We talk about content being king, so if content is king then we need to ensure that it looks right on the page.

10 Ways to Green Your Home Office

Just because you work from home as a freelancer doesn’t entirely mean that you’re saving the environment. Sure, you’re not using as much energy as if you would be working in an office, but these 10 tips can help you be more green. Best thing is, they’re all really small changes that won’t affect your routine at all!

Ten “Little” Things That Can Keep You from Getting Your Dream Gig

Another FreelanceFolder hit that outlines reasons you might not have gotten a call back after that proposal, giving you tips for next time!

10 Simple Web Accessibility Tips You Can Do Today

10 Simple Web Accessibility Tips You Can Do Today

Jacob Gube hits it right on the marker with this in-depth article. There is so much focus on usability lately that people haven’t been paying enough attention to accessibility. Accessibility isn’t only about your design practices, but also about your markup. Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled because I have written a guest post for SixRevisions that will be going up this coming Tuesday!

The New Clearfix Method

Very good resource for developers… A little change in the CSS for the Clearfix method that cleans up a ton!

Client Communication: The Most Important Part of Freelancing

Wake Up Later and Samuel give us a great resource of tips to improve client communication, as simple as answering e-mails quickly (and even when they dont’ seem necessary)!

A Guide to Writing Effectively about Design

A Guide to Writing Effectively about Design

I love Josh‘s articles – full of nice, crisp satire with an intellectual twist that only a PhD student can provide, they never cease to be entertaining. Here he gives us some pointers on how to write more effectively about design.

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