At Phuse, our client relationships are built on three core values: Authenticity, Collaboration and Transparency. In the spirit of these values, we provide clear, detailed and personalized user guides that allow clients to easily manage their site content post-launch.

WordPress is by far our most requested content management system. While the WordPress support forums, Stack Overflow and Google searches are all good resources, we saw a need for a single resource that clearly and concisely touched upon all the basic WordPress administration tools.

To address our clients’ most common site and content management questions in one place, we created a General WordPress User Guide available to all of our clients (and the web at large) that covers out-of-the-box, native content management methods and tools.

Phuse General WordPress Guide screenshot

Created using, hosted on Github Pages and complete with annotated images for visual reference, the guide is a one-stop-shop for content management basics in WordPress — from creating new posts and pages (and the difference between the two) to uploading media to a post and formatting text.

We invite you to have a look around and let us know what you think. Like what we’ve done? Feel there’s anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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