Thoughtful web and mobile experiences

We're not just another agency. We partner with our clients to craft forward-thinking web and mobile experiences that increase conversion, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Collaboration, from concept to code

We think strategically and design for humans, with a performance-first approach. The end result: frictionless user experiences that solve pain points for our clients and yield results.



By listening to clients and engaging in thoughtful discovery, we’re able to craft solutions that meet both business and customer needs. We’ll help you lay the groundwork for success by defining goals, user personas, and a sound content strategy.



Our design and UX teams work in tandem to simplify the experience for the end user, maximize results for our clients, and make sure it all looks amazing. By talking extensively to real users, storyboarding, and rapid prototyping, we ensure sound solutions built on total collaboration.



Our highly-skilled and specialized developers use cutting-edge methods to deliver stable, high-performing, and clean code. Core competencies include CMS development (including WordPress and ExpressionEngine), React, Node.js, and test-driven development.

We’re an international team of genuine people

Phusers are passionate and results-oriented people who work 30-hour weeks from cities across the globe. We believe that beautiful design makes a difference, and take pride in putting great products out into the world.

James Costa
Toronto, Ontario

I liked that I didn’t have to spell out every detail—I could say, ‘we need to do this’ and you would do it the right way. You guys stuck to your guns to keep it simple and draw the user’s eye to the right places—I love it.

testimonial headshot

Paul Nikolas


It’s been a personal experience and we’ve been able to work consistently with the same designers. You’re always very communicative—it’s like we’re in the same building!

Our clients expect us to be highly responsive yet deeply thoughtful in meeting their needs. We work with Phuse because we can rely on them just as much as our clients rely on us.

testimonial headshot

Michael Brennan


I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Phuse. Their team members are responsive and thoughtful. They also understand where my business is and accommodate it accordingly. Oh, and they do great work.

testimonial headshot

Randall Marcus


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