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Stop Designing Logos, Start Developing Brands

Yes, I said it. We focus way too much on the quality of a logo that we never spend enough time on the brand. In an article I posted on the DesignInformer a week ago I spoke about what a brand is – something people often get confused about. But it’s too often that we take brand and logo to be one in the same. Here’s my challenge: take the logo out of the mix, and focus on developing the brand properly.

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5 Tips To Help You Make The Best Use of Twitter As A Marketing Tool

Twitter has become a beast in itself. More and more people use it to keep in touch with friends and family. Businesses of all sizes use it for creative marketing campaigns, and to keep their clients up to date on a day to day basis. Though the effectiveness of Twitter depends on your industry and niche, it can be an incredibly valuable marketing tool that, when used correctly, has the capability to reach a vast audience.

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Foundations For Blogging Success

This month has been a roller coaster of a ride for our blog. We’ve gone through having an unexpected amount of traffic that has caused our server to crash quite a few times, and had a load of people giving us helping hands to get our articles out there. Truly, this blog has been a goal for a long time now. To have it running is such a relief, but it doesn’t stop there!

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