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Not Just Another WordPress Blog

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is that it is a platform suitable only for blogs or very basic websites. While out-of-the-box WordPress is suited for such scenarios, people are often surprised to learn that it is actually a very powerful, highly-customizable content management system (CMS) that can be molded to suit complex content…

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Better CSS Sprites with Sass

Sass is a powerful and flexible CSS pre-processor that we use extensively at The Phuse. Using Sass features like nested selectors, mixins and extends has become second nature to us as front-end developers, but what if you want to get a little bit fancier? Some of the most powerful features of Sass are SassScript and…

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How to Use Inline-Block

I’ve been using display: inline-block more often in CSS lately. With the widely-accepted dropping of support for IE7 and below, we don’t have to worry about hacks to make it work properly anymore. display: inline-block is useful for: Buttons Vertically aligning content without using tables or display:table-cell Layout as opposed to floats As an example,…

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Using Jade templates with Yeoman

Yeoman is a great toolset for front-end development, giving you acccess to a generator, front-end package management with Bower, and automation with Grunt. Though it’s primarily discussed as a tool for building web apps using frameworks like Backbone or Angular, for which you might not be dealing with a great deal of static HTML, it…

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