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Freelancers: Do You Lead Alternate Lives?

I’ve been entertaining this idea in my mind for a little while now. Since I’ve been (poorly) attempting to manage my days with blocks of time for work, play, etc – I always find myself not being able to take a step away from work. While I love my job, it’s flexibility, and the outcome, I never find enough time to enjoy one of the main reasons I started freelancing: to spend time with my son.

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How to Deal With Friends and Family (Who Can’t Quite Grasp What You’re Doing)

I’ll be the first to say it: Freelancing sucks for your social life. While the ladies love guys who own their own business (can’t say their eyes don’t glitter), when they realize you work from home, one word comes to their minds: “easy”. But we know that freelancing is by no means an “easy” job – far from it. We have a myriad of different responsibilities to juggle. So what can we do as freelancers to prove that we’re doing something worthwhile?

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